Board Room Warpaint

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a customer service rep at the local insurance agency you know that a bold lip product is imperative to have in your beauty collection.

Bold lips can be seen as an accessory to your wardrobe just like a necklace or a purse. Wearing a plum lip can spice up a woman’s all black outfit. A bright red lipstick can complement those blue khakis and white blouse like nothing else could!

When speaking at the board room meeting, you want to make sure you are heard. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by having on a bold and even sometimes bright lipstick. Bold and bright lipstick can draw attention to your lips and the words can almost seem to be heard a little more clearly.

Bold lipstick can also be empowering. Women who wear bright red lipstick sometimes feel a little taller, bolder and more apt to be daring at work. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about throwing on a bold red lip color and striking a fierce Cindy Crawford look at work! I HAVE and still do all the time!

So you have tried a bold lip but it didn’t last, or came off when you really needed it to stay. Let me show you some of my favorite lipsticks that come in bold and bright colors. Click on the pictures or follow the links below to start your collection of BOLD and BRIGHT Lipsticks!

Below from Left to Right:

Kylie Costmetics LipKit (Spice), Mabelline SuperStay MatteInk (Ruler), Morphe Lipstick (Nibble), JeffreeStar Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lip (RedRum and Unicorn Blood)

Morphe – Matte Liquid Lipstick – “Nibble”

As I show you some of my favorite lip products for bright and bold lips, you will notice they are ALL liquid lipsticks. This is my go to type of lip product for long, work days. When I am talking with people all day, pounding down coffee and enjoying lunch meetings, I want my lipstick to compete with me. No smudging, smearing or transfer. I can handle 1 -2 touch ups if I have to work after hours but more than that – it can’t work!

First, lets talk about Morphe. Morphe is an up and coming brand in the makeup world. Just recently, Morphe can be found in your local ULTA. I am obsessed with their palettes and setting spray but for now, lipstick. Above, you will see the color Nibble in their Matte Liquid Lipstick. This is a great lip product if you want longevity. Also, their packaging looks impeccable!

I love the color nibble. It is a brownish red with almost a burnt orange undertone. I believe that this is a great fall color for women who are looking for that neutral brown.

You can pick up this lip product online or in a local Ulta store for $10.00

Kylie Cosmetics – LipKit – “Spice”

This lip kit is older in Kylie’s bag of makeup tricks but cannot go unnoticed. I love the bright plum look that it gives my pout. The combination of lip liner and lipstick is amazing. The lip pencil glides on smooth and allows for a pigmented base in order for the dark lipstick to follow.

As with most liquid lips, it is important that you exfoliate and moisturize before using any liquid lip product. Many makeup brands have lip exfoliators OR you can use a coconut oil/sugar mixture on the lips to help remove dead skin and set you up for liquid lip success. If you want to know a few of my favorite lip exfoliators, leave me a comment below.

Kylie Cosmetics has launched numerous liquid lip products but I like their lip kits the best. You get the most bang for your buck and they work!

You can snag this bundle on her website for $29.00

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – “Ruler”

Let me tell you about my newest liquid lip FAVE!! Mabelline recently launched their Super Stay Matte ink liquid lipsticks and I am obsessed. First, the smell is scrumptious. Literally, I feel like I am putting a cupcake on my lips when I start to use it.

The applicator could be better but I cannot complain with the price point. Also, the color “Ruler” is great for anyone looking to venture into the bold lipstick realm but is not ready to make the huge leap. The color is not too bold but can still make a statement.

Stop by your local drugstore or Ulta to snag one of these guys. Only $9.49

OR you can grab it online at on sale for $6.36 !!

Jeffrey Star Cosmetics – Velour Liquid Lipstick – “RedRum & Unicorn Blood”

Last and most defiantly not least, Jeffrey Star and his amazing Velour Liquid Lipsticks. No matter the controversy that follows Jeffree, he has an amazing line of liquid lip products. A couple of his first few colors are my die hard favorites.

RedRum is the bright red that everyone needs in their life! Unicorn Blood is a dark burgundy color that looks great in the fall/winter months. Pale skin or tan skin, either of these bold colors will look stunning on you!

The longevity of these velour lip products is astounding! My husband can tell when I wear a Jeffree Star velour lipstick, simply by whether or not my lipstick comes off on the wine glass. If it doesn’t come off — it is Jeffree Star. Simple.

As you can tell in my photo, these lip staples are used on a the regular basis and have been well worn in. I have already had to order replacements for both colors.

A little more on the pricey side, these bad boys run for $18.00. They can be found on his website or at Morphe online.

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– Shiney Kay ✨


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