Pleated Accordion Skirts

One of my newest obsessions is the accordion style pleated skirt. If you buy short, midi or even long length styles, these skirts make you feel young and vibrant~

I first purchased the long length, pastel pink colored one you see above at Banana Republic Factory Outlet Store in their clearance section. The length is perfect and makes me feel like a ballerina. The mid length orange metallic one is my newest version of this skirt. During one of my recent H&M shopping trips, I snagged this one. I love that I can highlight my shoes with this length of skirt while keeping in line with the ballerina concept.

In the summer I can wear this type of skirt to work with a tank top and cardigan. After work, take the cardigan off and you have a nighttime look without having to change! My favorite kind of outfit — versatile! In addition, you can carry this look into the fall with a long sleeve cardigan and thick tights. With my orange skirt and black accents above, I wore knit tights to keep me warm.

As you notice, I also pair a loose belt with the skirt to give it more dimension. You can do this with any accordion style skirt to bring depth to your waistline. You can also use this trick to hide a little belly fat. I have a belly pouch from carrying three babies, I need all the help I can get when it comes to hiding or taking your eyes away from that area.

Lastly, these skirts can be worn year round, even in the fall and winter. As mentioned earlier, the midi skirt can be paired with knitted tights to keep the area from your calf to your feet warm. Both skirts can be worn with booties to help during the chili months. All the photos above were taken in the fall when the weather outside was in the 40’s.

A few great deals to check out and get your accordion style pleated skirt today:

H & M – Pleated Skirt in Black – $54.99 – Kate Kasin Women’s High Waist Pleated A-Line Swing Skirt – $28.99

WalMart – Unique Bargains Women’s High Waist Party Accordion Pleats Metallic Mini Skirt – $21.01

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~Shiney Kay ✨

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