Crisp fall weather calls for a little something more in your everyday work wardrobe. That something extra is a cardigan.

Don’t put away your summer work dresses just yet! Taking your summer dress into the cooler months can easily be achieved with this business woman’s staple. Throw your cardigan on over your summer dress and BAM! You are ready for Fall weather.

As you go from Summer to Fall, most who live in the Midwest know, the weather can change quickly! When it is a chilly 45 degrees in the morning, this layering piece can keep you cozy. As the mid day warm up beams down on you during lunchtime, you can easily take the cardigan off.

Once reserved for librarians, this style staple is welcoming itself back into fashionista’s wardrobes everywhere. Layering a collared shirt under a cardigan can add versatility to your business wear while also keeping you warm. I paired black skinny jeans with a collared blouse to show you how simple throwing a cardigan on can be.

To button or not to button… that is the question. Honestly, you can go both ways! I love to wear cardigans buttoned with skirts to give the appearance of a skirt under. If my blouse has detail much like the one I show here, I leave the cardigan unbuttoned.

Where can you get this Shiney Staple…

H&M currently has their cardigans available for $12.99. I grabbed 3 of them in the most basic colors; Black, Grey and Beige.

Check all the colors available here: H & M Cardigan

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– Shiney Kay ✨

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