Confidence without Arrogance

The story is told over and over about how women are perceived as arrogant, bitchy or even bossy when they are confident in the business field. I have been there! When I believe in something and am passionate about it, my confidence soars. I realized early in my career that the people around me were either threatened by my drive, off put by my passion OR downright scared of my confident personality. There is no reason a woman should be ridiculed or perceived differently when passionate and confident in their work. Unfortunately, there are people who find reasons every day! Little actions can be taken by you in order to be successful with your confidence in the business world. So lets get you confident without the arrogance.

The best way to combat the notion of arrogance as a woman in business is with a little bit of compassion. Compassion is the one thing that you need to learn to build into your business persona. Of course, this does not mean you have to give away the farm but you have to find ways to incorporate your confident actions with this trait.

It is important to understand which part of business you should attribute this towards. One way is by showing an interest in others. Example: When I was confident in my knowledge base, I had many struggles with my peers. Some of that struggle was from the perception of me being an arrogant co-worker. I knew answers when others would ask them, constantly wanted to learn more by asking questions of my supervisors and always sought ways to impart my knowledge on others. Little did I know, other people in my field were struggling to keep up. (Going back to the idea that others were threatened by someone being confident in their work) I was able to turn this negative perception around by showing a little bit of interest in the person and by being concerned about their knowledge along with my own. Once they learned that I was sympathetic to their work and accomplishments, they were able to see me in a new light. Compassion through empathy.

Of course, my example above shows you compassion for those who struggle to be as confident or even maybe as advanced as yourself. This does not work for everyone. Compassion may have to be shown in other ways. You may have to tone down the confidence by something as simple as a smile.

“One of the best ways that I have found others to really be able to resonate with, is a simple smile”

Growing up, we are taught in school that to be a good business person, we have to hold our head up high, look others in the eye, and practice a good sturdy handshake. What they forget to teach us is how to have empathy and compassion in those physical encounters. One of the best ways that I have found others to really be able to resonate with, is a simple smile. Not the ear to ear grin that bears nothing but arrogance OR that little smirk of self-assurance. The type of grin that I am talking about is the one that is from the heart. When leading someone, working side by side with them OR even giving that good sturdy handshake, you can blast the notion of arrogance right out of the water by showing a genuine smile. The type of smile that you think of good when doing it. You intend to light up a room with the smile you show and embark the idea of happiness when others see it. That is the type of smile that will get you confidence without the arrogant impression.

Using a smile and showing empathy towards others can help you overcome the perception of arrogance. Learning how to channel your confident and sometimes overbearing persona can best be handled by a little bit of compassion. I explore you to try these two things as you go about your business day. See how others react and how they change their perception of you. Before to long, you will find that the negative attitude towards your confident actions are more supportive and turn positive.

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-Shiney Kay ✨

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