Top 8 Gifts for the Business Woman in your life!

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be difficult trying to find the right gift for the special lady in your life, especially the business woman. She has everything she needs, right? Well, I am here to help. Here are a few items to help you get through the holiday season without pulling your hair out. If your boss babe has all of the below, trust me when I say that number 8 is a great fall back and she also can never have enough of number 4.

1. Ember Mug

Every boss babe that I know drinks coffee well past noon. Even if she doesn’t, the chances of her getting lost in her work and drinking her coffee after it is cold is more likely than not. This cup is the holy grail for working women. Keep the coffee warm while looking great on your desk.

You can find this cup in 3 different styles. The black and white ones run for $79.95. The copper colored one runs a little higher in price for $129.95.


2. Emotional Intelligence Book

The greatest trend occurring in the business world is that of emotional intelligence. The business work is taking notice to the uprising of their employees emotional intelligence and the need to hone in on every persons unique EI. The more you know about your own emotional intelligence, the more successful you will be in life and the business field.

I suggest the book, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” by Travis Bredberry and Jean Greaves.

Every woman should have this book and more importantly, every boss babe! An added bonus is that there is a quiz code that you get with each book. You take the quiz before you start reading and see where your EI is at. Once you have completed the reading, you take the quiz again to see what you have improved upon. This is a great insight into your own EI behavior and thinking along with how much a book can impact that.

You can get this book on Amazon and if you are a prime member, Free 2 day shipping!!

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 $11.45

Image result for emotional intelligence

3. Blue Lens Glasses

Most women that work in the business field are working on their computers, tablets or even phones. Research has shown that our eyes are debilitating much more rapidly with the amount of screen time that we are spending on these devices. Studies have also shown that you can combat this negative effect by wearing what is known as Blue Lense Glasses.

There are many fashionable blue lense glasses on the market today. Personally, I own a pair from Quay and I am OBSESSED! You can buy different styles depending on your preference and to be honest, they have helped my eyes tremendously. If I don’t wear these during the day while spending a large amount of time on the computer, I start to get a headache OR my eyes ache.

Your boss babe will thank you over and over if you get her a pair! I have listed a couple places that have Blue Light blocking glasses.

Quay Hardwire Square Blue Light Glasses $50.00

Ladyboss Scholars Anit-Blue Light Glasses $68.00


4. Multi-Color Pens

Either the OCD in women that are in the business field OR the need for a little color, I find that working women are constantly using colored pens. Some are just taking notes in different colors whereas others are in need of a little something more than the regular black and blue. Multi-color pens are a must for your working lady!

I have found that these are a great stocking stuffer and most women enjoy them. You can either buy a large package with 36 different colors or the smaller 10 pack. Personally, the Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Retractable Pen is my favorite for colored pens. The writing tends to be smoother, the ink dries down well and they truly last awhile.

My best suggestion, start with the 14 pack. You can find these at Amazon also and again, you can’t beat the Prime 2 day shipping.

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Retractable Pen $12.99 for the 14 pack

Image result for paper mate inkjoy gel

5. Puff Charger

As a busy woman, it is important to keep all of your devices charged. More importantly, having a portable charger is a must. Fortunately, you don’t have to carry around the ugly square shaped charge any longer. You can buy this cute fuzzy little keychain charger.

Personally, this is a great accessory to add to your laptop bag as your travel for business. Most working ladies like to also look fashionable in their everyday life. This little pom charge is a great accessory to add to your bag while being functionable.

Fur Pom Pom Ball Keychain Charger $15.99

6. Plush Robe

HELLO COZY!! Every working woman deserves to come home to something cozy and comfy. What better way to relax in your own space than with a Plush Robe! Listed below are some of the yummiest robes that I could find. Also, the Sherpa fleece robe from Lands End is probably my favorite~!! Indulge her and buy some chocolates to wrap up with this relaxing favorite.

Lands End – Sherpa Fleece Long Robe $79.95

Pottery Barn – Teddy Bear Faux Fur Robe on Sale for $39.95

Amazon – Alexander Del Rossa Robe with Faux Fur $54.99

7. Lush Box

This is one of the best gift boxes that you can find prewrapped for that special lady in your life. Surprisingly, I have found the Lush is one of those brands that is not as commonly known as I would have anticipated. Every woman in my family has been introduced to this brand by me and they all LOVE it.

The bath bombs and face masks are my favorite things to buy. If you don’t know what to get your business lady, then just buy one of their prewrapped gift sets. This is an all year around thing from lush. During the holidays, they have holiday wrapped boxes but even other times of the year, they have generic wrapping paper. So, keep in mind for birthdays/other holidays that you celebrate can be completed as well with a lush box.

I have listed what I believe are the best sellers and my personal favorites from Lush.







Sleepy Wrapped Gift Box $14.95

Secret Garden Gift Box $49.95

You’re a Star Gift Box $65.95

8. Wine

You can never go wrong with a good old fashioned bottle of wine. At the end of the long work week, a business woman needs to unwind. Sometimes unwinding includes a glass of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

Nowadays, you can find wine subscriptions for a decent price. I have found that my favorites are the ones that include a variety of wine. Sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zone can really help with enticing our inner creator. I have a listed a couple of great wine companies that I have found do a really nice job with their subscriptions while making quality wine.

Trust me when I say, you can’t go wrong with getting her wine for Christmas!

Knocking Point Wine $99

Firstleaf $Varies

I hope this helps you with your gift giving this holiday season! If you happen to have any ideas that could help others out, please comment below with what you are giving the Boss Babe in your life!

✨Shiney Kay~

Mascara and the 12 hour game

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Today, I want to talk to you about the business woman’s worst nightmare, raccoon eyes. We have all had them. They are the bane of my existence. I used to hate going to the bathroom at lunch time and seeing the dark circles from my mascara under my eyes. Come on! No one has time to redo concealer and try to fix that mess!

Below, I will show you a couple of my favorite mascara’s that are my tried and true! I use them every day and if I don’t, I have a tip that will allow you to use any mascara you want with similar results. So let’s get started!


For upper lashes, I use Benefit Roller Lash. I found this gem at my local Ulta while shopping their “mini’s” section. It gets me every time, but this time – it was a good one. This is available in black or brown. You can buy it at ULTA, Sephora, and online.

The great thing about this mascara is the wand. The application brush is curved and gives your lashes a great lift when applying. I don’t use a lash curler when I use this product because it does all the work the curler would do and more. When the product is applied, it acts as a glue for the lashes and keeps them lifted while added color depth.

MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Lash

Now that we have our upper lashes taken care of, we need to talk about the lowers. In all realty, how many of you did your makeup for years without ever putting mascara on your lower lashes? ME!! I never realized the impact that putting mascara on your lower lashes can have. One of the beauties is that it widens your eyes and adds a doll effect without any falsies and asks a whole new appeal to your makeup!

In order to use lower lash mascara, you want to make sure you have a good quality product that will not transfer. The transfer is what can create the raccoon effect that we are trying to avoid.

MAC Cosmetics makes a great lower lash mascara. Their Extended Play Lash and also their Extended Play Giga Lash are what I use everyday. This product is truly transforming and is best suited for the lower lashes. This comes in black and their website states the mascara can last up to 16 hours. Whoa!

I love that the applicator has many bristles to be able to get those thin and tiny lashes on the lower lash line. I have no issues using it and knowing that all those lashes are being coated each time I touch the applicator to my lash line.

You can click on the pictures below to get your order in at MAC’s website OR you can visit an ULTA store near you. ULTA just started carrying MAC products and it has been a blessing! I can earn my ULTA points while shopping for my favorite MAC products.

Morphe Brush 496 & Powder

If you have a die hard Mascara that gives you the volume you have been trying to get or there is one that has the color you would like but they are just not lasting the 12 hours you need them to, I have a way to solve your problems.

I have found that by using a small fan brush and translucent powder on your lashes before applying mascara, you can endure the 12 hour day!

“Powder near my eyeballs?”… I know that is what you are thinking. Don’t worry, I thought it was crazy at first but it has been amazing! I usually close my eyes and apply the powder on my top lashes first. You can apply them to the top of the upper lashes and the bottom of the upper lashes while they are closed. I am crazy and keep my eyes open but I have done this trick so many times, I am used to a little powder in my eyes. Once the powder is on, apply your mascara like normal.

One key thing to remember is that you don’t have to coat and cake the powder on the brush. The first photo below is what the brush looks like right before I use it on my lashes. Notice that there is barely any product to the naked eye. In all essence, you only need a small amount of product to absorb the oils in your lashes and on your lids while clinging to the mascara product you are applying.

I did not put a specific powder in my post. The reason is that you can use any of your favorite translucent powders for this beauty tip. Honestly, I use whatever product I am baking my under-eyes with and that changes daily.

The brush is only $3 on Morphe’s website. They are also available in ULTA stores. Click on the photos below to get your eyelash brush! Leave me a comment if you try this and what your results are!

I hope you enjoyed my Boss Beauty tip and products to help combat the 12 hour game we face as business women. Go try out these new products and/or give my powder trick a try!

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~Shiney Kay ✨

Confidence without Arrogance

The story is told over and over about how women are perceived as arrogant, bitchy or even bossy when they are confident in the business field. I have been there! When I believe in something and am passionate about it, my confidence soars. I realized early in my career that the people around me were either threatened by my drive, off put by my passion OR downright scared of my confident personality. There is no reason a woman should be ridiculed or perceived differently when passionate and confident in their work. Unfortunately, there are people who find reasons every day! Little actions can be taken by you in order to be successful with your confidence in the business world. So lets get you confident without the arrogance.

The best way to combat the notion of arrogance as a woman in business is with a little bit of compassion. Compassion is the one thing that you need to learn to build into your business persona. Of course, this does not mean you have to give away the farm but you have to find ways to incorporate your confident actions with this trait.

It is important to understand which part of business you should attribute this towards. One way is by showing an interest in others. Example: When I was confident in my knowledge base, I had many struggles with my peers. Some of that struggle was from the perception of me being an arrogant co-worker. I knew answers when others would ask them, constantly wanted to learn more by asking questions of my supervisors and always sought ways to impart my knowledge on others. Little did I know, other people in my field were struggling to keep up. (Going back to the idea that others were threatened by someone being confident in their work) I was able to turn this negative perception around by showing a little bit of interest in the person and by being concerned about their knowledge along with my own. Once they learned that I was sympathetic to their work and accomplishments, they were able to see me in a new light. Compassion through empathy.

Of course, my example above shows you compassion for those who struggle to be as confident or even maybe as advanced as yourself. This does not work for everyone. Compassion may have to be shown in other ways. You may have to tone down the confidence by something as simple as a smile.

“One of the best ways that I have found others to really be able to resonate with, is a simple smile”

Growing up, we are taught in school that to be a good business person, we have to hold our head up high, look others in the eye, and practice a good sturdy handshake. What they forget to teach us is how to have empathy and compassion in those physical encounters. One of the best ways that I have found others to really be able to resonate with, is a simple smile. Not the ear to ear grin that bears nothing but arrogance OR that little smirk of self-assurance. The type of grin that I am talking about is the one that is from the heart. When leading someone, working side by side with them OR even giving that good sturdy handshake, you can blast the notion of arrogance right out of the water by showing a genuine smile. The type of smile that you think of good when doing it. You intend to light up a room with the smile you show and embark the idea of happiness when others see it. That is the type of smile that will get you confidence without the arrogant impression.

Using a smile and showing empathy towards others can help you overcome the perception of arrogance. Learning how to channel your confident and sometimes overbearing persona can best be handled by a little bit of compassion. I explore you to try these two things as you go about your business day. See how others react and how they change their perception of you. Before to long, you will find that the negative attitude towards your confident actions are more supportive and turn positive.

Tell me in the comments how you combat the notion of arrogance while being a confident business woman! While you are at it – go ahead and add your email into the right side of the page to get updates as I blog more Fashion, Beauty and Business Advice!!

-Shiney Kay ✨


Crisp fall weather calls for a little something more in your everyday work wardrobe. That something extra is a cardigan.

Don’t put away your summer work dresses just yet! Taking your summer dress into the cooler months can easily be achieved with this business woman’s staple. Throw your cardigan on over your summer dress and BAM! You are ready for Fall weather.

As you go from Summer to Fall, most who live in the Midwest know, the weather can change quickly! When it is a chilly 45 degrees in the morning, this layering piece can keep you cozy. As the mid day warm up beams down on you during lunchtime, you can easily take the cardigan off.

Once reserved for librarians, this style staple is welcoming itself back into fashionista’s wardrobes everywhere. Layering a collared shirt under a cardigan can add versatility to your business wear while also keeping you warm. I paired black skinny jeans with a collared blouse to show you how simple throwing a cardigan on can be.

To button or not to button… that is the question. Honestly, you can go both ways! I love to wear cardigans buttoned with skirts to give the appearance of a skirt under. If my blouse has detail much like the one I show here, I leave the cardigan unbuttoned.

Where can you get this Shiney Staple…

H&M currently has their cardigans available for $12.99. I grabbed 3 of them in the most basic colors; Black, Grey and Beige.

Check all the colors available here: H & M Cardigan

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Board Room Warpaint

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a customer service rep at the local insurance agency you know that a bold lip product is imperative to have in your beauty collection.

Bold lips can be seen as an accessory to your wardrobe just like a necklace or a purse. Wearing a plum lip can spice up a woman’s all black outfit. A bright red lipstick can complement those blue khakis and white blouse like nothing else could!

When speaking at the board room meeting, you want to make sure you are heard. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by having on a bold and even sometimes bright lipstick. Bold and bright lipstick can draw attention to your lips and the words can almost seem to be heard a little more clearly.

Bold lipstick can also be empowering. Women who wear bright red lipstick sometimes feel a little taller, bolder and more apt to be daring at work. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about throwing on a bold red lip color and striking a fierce Cindy Crawford look at work! I HAVE and still do all the time!

So you have tried a bold lip but it didn’t last, or came off when you really needed it to stay. Let me show you some of my favorite lipsticks that come in bold and bright colors. Click on the pictures or follow the links below to start your collection of BOLD and BRIGHT Lipsticks!

Below from Left to Right:

Kylie Costmetics LipKit (Spice), Mabelline SuperStay MatteInk (Ruler), Morphe Lipstick (Nibble), JeffreeStar Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lip (RedRum and Unicorn Blood)

Morphe – Matte Liquid Lipstick – “Nibble”

As I show you some of my favorite lip products for bright and bold lips, you will notice they are ALL liquid lipsticks. This is my go to type of lip product for long, work days. When I am talking with people all day, pounding down coffee and enjoying lunch meetings, I want my lipstick to compete with me. No smudging, smearing or transfer. I can handle 1 -2 touch ups if I have to work after hours but more than that – it can’t work!

First, lets talk about Morphe. Morphe is an up and coming brand in the makeup world. Just recently, Morphe can be found in your local ULTA. I am obsessed with their palettes and setting spray but for now, lipstick. Above, you will see the color Nibble in their Matte Liquid Lipstick. This is a great lip product if you want longevity. Also, their packaging looks impeccable!

I love the color nibble. It is a brownish red with almost a burnt orange undertone. I believe that this is a great fall color for women who are looking for that neutral brown.

You can pick up this lip product online or in a local Ulta store for $10.00

Kylie Cosmetics – LipKit – “Spice”

This lip kit is older in Kylie’s bag of makeup tricks but cannot go unnoticed. I love the bright plum look that it gives my pout. The combination of lip liner and lipstick is amazing. The lip pencil glides on smooth and allows for a pigmented base in order for the dark lipstick to follow.

As with most liquid lips, it is important that you exfoliate and moisturize before using any liquid lip product. Many makeup brands have lip exfoliators OR you can use a coconut oil/sugar mixture on the lips to help remove dead skin and set you up for liquid lip success. If you want to know a few of my favorite lip exfoliators, leave me a comment below.

Kylie Cosmetics has launched numerous liquid lip products but I like their lip kits the best. You get the most bang for your buck and they work!

You can snag this bundle on her website for $29.00

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – “Ruler”

Let me tell you about my newest liquid lip FAVE!! Mabelline recently launched their Super Stay Matte ink liquid lipsticks and I am obsessed. First, the smell is scrumptious. Literally, I feel like I am putting a cupcake on my lips when I start to use it.

The applicator could be better but I cannot complain with the price point. Also, the color “Ruler” is great for anyone looking to venture into the bold lipstick realm but is not ready to make the huge leap. The color is not too bold but can still make a statement.

Stop by your local drugstore or Ulta to snag one of these guys. Only $9.49

OR you can grab it online at on sale for $6.36 !!

Jeffrey Star Cosmetics – Velour Liquid Lipstick – “RedRum & Unicorn Blood”

Last and most defiantly not least, Jeffrey Star and his amazing Velour Liquid Lipsticks. No matter the controversy that follows Jeffree, he has an amazing line of liquid lip products. A couple of his first few colors are my die hard favorites.

RedRum is the bright red that everyone needs in their life! Unicorn Blood is a dark burgundy color that looks great in the fall/winter months. Pale skin or tan skin, either of these bold colors will look stunning on you!

The longevity of these velour lip products is astounding! My husband can tell when I wear a Jeffree Star velour lipstick, simply by whether or not my lipstick comes off on the wine glass. If it doesn’t come off — it is Jeffree Star. Simple.

As you can tell in my photo, these lip staples are used on a the regular basis and have been well worn in. I have already had to order replacements for both colors.

A little more on the pricey side, these bad boys run for $18.00. They can be found on his website or at Morphe online.

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Pleated Accordion Skirts

One of my newest obsessions is the accordion style pleated skirt. If you buy short, midi or even long length styles, these skirts make you feel young and vibrant~

I first purchased the long length, pastel pink colored one you see above at Banana Republic Factory Outlet Store in their clearance section. The length is perfect and makes me feel like a ballerina. The mid length orange metallic one is my newest version of this skirt. During one of my recent H&M shopping trips, I snagged this one. I love that I can highlight my shoes with this length of skirt while keeping in line with the ballerina concept.

In the summer I can wear this type of skirt to work with a tank top and cardigan. After work, take the cardigan off and you have a nighttime look without having to change! My favorite kind of outfit — versatile! In addition, you can carry this look into the fall with a long sleeve cardigan and thick tights. With my orange skirt and black accents above, I wore knit tights to keep me warm.

As you notice, I also pair a loose belt with the skirt to give it more dimension. You can do this with any accordion style skirt to bring depth to your waistline. You can also use this trick to hide a little belly fat. I have a belly pouch from carrying three babies, I need all the help I can get when it comes to hiding or taking your eyes away from that area.

Lastly, these skirts can be worn year round, even in the fall and winter. As mentioned earlier, the midi skirt can be paired with knitted tights to keep the area from your calf to your feet warm. Both skirts can be worn with booties to help during the chili months. All the photos above were taken in the fall when the weather outside was in the 40’s.

A few great deals to check out and get your accordion style pleated skirt today:

H & M – Pleated Skirt in Black – $54.99 – Kate Kasin Women’s High Waist Pleated A-Line Swing Skirt – $28.99

WalMart – Unique Bargains Women’s High Waist Party Accordion Pleats Metallic Mini Skirt – $21.01

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